Takaratomy Diaclone Reboot DA-92 BIG POWERED CONVOY

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The strongest power-up form of the Battle Convoy V series is now available!

--Battle Convoy V-MAX A flight machine and a running machine are combined to form a cab-type vehicle, which is transformed into a human-type decisive battle machine.
--The bollet core, body and back joints use the same connection joints as the verse system, and can be linked with the already released Diaclone series.
--By recombining with the separately sold DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX, you can build a Battle Convoy V-MAX that is unified in red / blue aircraft color.

[Powered Greater]
--The armor combination machine consists of two powered machines.
--Combine with the flight machines and running machines that make up the Battle Convoy V-MAX, and build a strengthened form for each machine.
--The cockpit adopts a bollet core compliant module system, and builds humanoid combat mech machines and combat support vehicles by recombining the units that make up the two aircraft.

[Powered Convoy]
??It changes into a huge battle machine in the form of a combination of two machines, and changes to the strongest humanoid battle mode with a simple one-piece transformation without replacement.
-Furthermore, the attached battle support drone will be separated into a huge sword and shield and will be an armed item of .
-By combining with the already released DA-79 Battle Convoy V-SHADOW, you can build a powered convoy unified to the black body color.

--Product details: Battle convoy body A (1), battle convoy body B (1), gun (2), bollet core A (1), bollet core B (1), A mechanism (1), B mechanism (1) right ( 1), B mechanism (1) left (1), B mechanism (2) (1), B mechanism (3) (2), arm unit right (1), arm unit left (1), wing unit right (1), Wing unit left (1), L launcher (1), bollet core C (1), bollet core D (1), weapon A (1), weapon B (1), weapon C (4), joint parts ( 1), Diaclone member Ver.2.0 (4), Seal (2), Brochure (1), Instruction manual (1)
* The image is a prototype, so the shape and coloring may differ from the final specifications.
Item Size : 32 x 30 x 15 cm
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