Takaratomy Diaclone Reboot DA-100 ROBOT BASE AERIAL MOBILE FORTRESS CLOUD ACROSS (Scatola Danneggiata)

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The newest toy to join the Diaclone line-up is the longly-awaited Aerial Mobile Fortress (Cloud Across).
Can be combined with the DA-95 Grand Dion to form the gigantic Diaclone Robot Base (You can see it in the last 3 pictures, the Grand Dion parts are sold separately and NOT included).

Included in the Cloud Across set:

- 2 large weapons (Left and Right)
- Head Unit
- Machine Unit A
- Machine Unit B
- Machine Unit C
- Machine Unit D
- Weapons (2)
- Chair A (4)
- Chair B (2)
- Lock parts set
- Diaclone members (6)

Visit the official Website: https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/diaclone/product_details/robotbase/

Codice articolo: 8100000000618
Creatore: Takara Tomy
Dimensione della confezione: L600×A250×P400mm
Età target: Dai 15 anni
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