Gentle Giant Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Bust Limited Edition 002/200 Happy Holiday 2011

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Gentle Giant has announced the availability of the Darth Vader Meet the Maker Holiday 2011 Deluxe Mini Bust for 2011 premier guild members. the bust is sculptured based on LucasFilm holiday greeting card that features the dark sith releasing a white dove. yea, i know it's kind of ironical cos' white dove is usually associated with peace and loving, but the Darth Vader is anything but that. luckily, it has an interchangeable hand that doesn't hold the symbol of peace. this deluxe version also includes another interchangeable hand holding C3-PO's disembodied head. along with it, is a Dark Horse comic-inspired “Thank the Maker” story from Star Wars Tales #6 that tells of how the ever-chattering golden droid friend ended up on Vader's hand.

Gentle Giant

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