Oniri Creation QSC One Piece Mugiwara No Luffy 1/4th Scale

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Taking the iconic pose of the One Piece Stampede poster, Luffy proudly sits on his treasure chest. He wears a giant helmet from Elbaf Island, as well as a bag full of food.

With 2 interchangeable heads and 2 hat options, or a total of 4 display possibilities, our future Pirate King can look confident and determined, or wear a wide smile ( this head is going through approvals).

For our QSC (Quarter Scale Collectibles) range, we have pushed all the details to the maximum. A very time-consuming and meticulous texture work was required, in particular for the strikingly realistic clothes, from the aged wood of the trunk, to the details of the Berrys.

A superb metallic finish was applied to the giant's helmet, as well as the gold coins.
For the skin parts, the use of a semi-translucent resin provides real depth and gives life to the character.

Limited Edition 1000 Pieces

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