Tsume HQS Naruto: Zabuza & Haku 1/8

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"I want to protect the person important to me… I want to work for that person. I want to fight for that person. I want to make that person's dream come true… That is my dream."- Haku

This HQS statue of Zabuza and Haku pays a poignant tribute to the powerful bond that unites them. By reaching out to him and making him his unstoppable weapon, Zabuza offers the orphan the opportunity to be useful to someone, becoming from that day his only reason for living. While the two inseparable ninjas advance side by side, they also benefit from the same fighting ability: they master the force of water. Thus, we see in the foreground the Demon of the Hidden Mist, brandishing above his head his gigantic legendary sword Kubikiribôchô, renowned as the Seversword, in order to carry out its task. The rogue ninja wears his black outfit, his striped Kirigakure leg-warmers, his forehead band to the side, and although the lower part of his face is covered with bandages, these cannot mask his ruthless expression. Devoid of any mercy, he uses the Water Dragon Bullet Technique to swallow his prey. Protecting his rear and offering him total obedience, the descendant of the Yuki clan, is more than ready to defend the only person who matters to him, whatever the cost… With one hand, we see the shinobi withdraw his hunter-nin mask revealing his real face, on the other hand, prepare his fatal attack! Endowed with a kekkei genkai: Ice Release, like his late mother, the orphan of the Land of Water causes the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals to appear. Very quickly, we see him insert his right leg, ready to trap his target and assail him from all sides with countless bloody throws of senbons. In an offensive posture, wearing his green and brown kimono, his obi thrown back, and his headband with Kirigakure symbol on his forehead, his gentle face in no way deceives his emotions, he will immediately bring down anyone who tries to reach Zabuza. Indebted to him and not fearing any enemy, nor even death itself, he will protect until the end the one who gave meaning to his life.


The legendary Kubikiribôchô sword can feed on the blood of its opponents to regenerate itself by using the iron present in it.

The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity.

Scale : 1/8. Total run of 2500 pieces.


H: 47 cm, W: 33 cm, D: 35 cm
Polyresin, PVC, Magnets
Artistic Direction, Concept Art, Paint
Tsume Team

Approximated delivery*: S1 2022 *


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