Oniri Creation 1/50 (1/3rd human scale) Scale Statue Ufo Robot Grendizer Premoium Statue Limited 555 PCS

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We are extremely proud to present our first statue from the legendary Grendizer anime.

Based on the very first episode of the series, our concept depicts Grendizer during his fight against Saucer Beast “Giru Giru”. Definitely our most ambitious project to date, the formidable combat machine took us over a thousand hours of sculpting and painting.

The equivalent of a 1/3rd human scale statue, our robot is no small statue and will undoubtedly be one of the centerpieces of your Grendizer collection.
Limited to 555 copies only, each statue will be delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

Comprised of nearly a hundred parts, 13 interchangeable parts and a large number of display options, we wanted to offer you the ultimate version of this classic robot. For example, you will have the choice of displaying Grendizer with his Screw Crusher Punch, or even removing the Saucer Beast head on his leg. For the first time we are offering a remote-controlled LED system for Grendizer's head and his Screw Crusher Punch.

Here is the list of all the displayable parts and options:

-2 busts (1 with the blades of the Double Harken, the other without the blades)
-2 hands (1 left hand open, 1 right fist closed)
-1 Screw Crusher Punch
-1 Double Harken
-2 pairs of alternative horns (metal horns, and classic yellow horns)
-1 TFO
-1 Saucer Beast head
-1 additional leg part (to display without Giru Giru's head)
-1 removable transparent resin slashing effect
-1 remote control

Painted in a striking metallic finish, this very long and complex process demands the highest level of quality control at the factory. Each part is varnished using a two-component resin and then polished.
Whether it's Grendizer or his nemesis, no detail has been left to chance. This will allow you to see the "battle damaged" mechanical parts of the Saucer Beast. As for the TFO, you will have the possibility of placing it wherever you wish.

* A change has been made to the base of the horns. The production version will have the base of the horns black (like in the picture above).

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