Sentinel RIOBOT Shin Getter Dragon

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Sentinel Riobot Shin Getter Dragon

Lo Shin Getter Dragon entra nella line-up Sentinel Riobot, azione completa alto 21cm é realizzato in ABS, PVC e metallo die-cast. Viene fornito con base espositiva, 7 mani intercambiabili e 2 Getter Tomahawk

Robot / Figurine Size : Approx. 210mm
Material : ABS, POM, ATBC-PVC, Die-cast
Gimmich : Normal distribution without bonus parts is also available.

“We'll show you what Getter can do!”

Shin Getter Dragon, the ultimate Getter, has finally come to the RIOBOT toy line!

This figure features the best articulation in all of the RIOBOT Getters and comes with a wide variety of weapons and accessories, making it possible to pose the various special attacks utilized by Ryoma and his team.

The proportion and form have been refined to make the sculpt feel more massive and powerful, and being fully painted just accentuates the design even more.

Unleash the power of Getter Rays with your own hands!

Bonus Part (Getter Cyclone ×2) is D4TOYS.COM, Sen-ti-den and Sentinel direct event exclusive for overseas, Sen-ti-nel Store exclusive for Japan and thus NOT included
Set content : Main Figure, Getter Tomahawk?Short/Long?×2, Drill Arm x2?Fist (LR)?Open Hand (LR), Posing Hand (LR), Weapon Holding Hand (LR), Display stand


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