Sentinel Riobot Mazinger Z

299,90 €
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Head to toe ~160mm
Die-cast, ABS, PVC, PA, POM
The Iron City is here!!
Maginzer Z appears in the RIOBOT series!

Unique articulation gimmicks allows reproduction of the action scenes in the animation.

The original toy weapon “Dynamic Scrander” developed by Photon Power Laboratory is included.

You can enjoy various modes by rearranging Iron sword and Jet Engine.

Retract the giant wing to change to “shield mode” and spread it to turn into the craziest weapon “Dynamic Brest Fire”.

Other gimmicks include special armor to protect Hover Pilder on the head etc. A “Maginzer Z” that has never been seen before is now here!!
To be advised
W270mm, D120mm, H270mm


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