Goodsmile The Gattai x Hagane Works Dancouga

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Height: approx 300mm.

Beyond humans, beyond beasts, now, to even greater heights!

Mecha Smile steps into a new frontier with a new combining Dancouga action figure!
· Complete transforming alloy model. Approximately 30cm in height (in Dancouga form, to top of head). Joints of the model are articulated.
· The model is based on the latest design by Masami Obari.
· Create the combination of the four Beast Machines: Eagle Fighter, Land Liger, Land Cougar and Big Moth without any additional parts.
· Each machine is made with alloy parts, providing a sturdy feel.
· Transform the shoulder and chest parts to create a silhouette closer to that seen in the anime series.
· Dancouken and Daigan are included.
· Daigan can be separated into the weapon of each Beast Machine.
· Flight Booster is included. The gun barrels can be moved forward when equipped.
· The rear main gun is articulated, allowing for the creation of Dancouhou Formation.
· Hand parts with independently articulated fingers are included.
· Ryo`s fighting pose can also be created.
· A dedicated stand engraved with a Beast Machine Squad relief is included. The main unit and optional parts can be displayed on the stand.
· Set Contents: Eagle Fighter, Land Liger, Land Cougar, Big Moss, Dancouken, Daigan (separated into 4 weapons), Flight Booster, Hand Parts with Articulated Fingers, Dedicated Display Stand
· Package art is drawn by Masami Obari.

First-Run Exclusive Bonus: Eagle Fighter Aggressive Effect

Sculptor: Caloan (GOD BRAVE STUDIO)
Product Design: U-TOM
Concept Sketch: Kotaro Ando (Studio GS)
Item Size/Weight : 53.3 x 40.5 x 21.5 cm / 3780g

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