Threezero Figzero Spy X Family 1/6 Anya Forger

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Threezero's SPY×FAMILY 1/6 scale figure series falls under the FigZero product line, known for its highly-poseable anime figures with detailed sculpts and tailored outfits that bring to life the recognizable character designs as seen in the beloved anime series.

FigZero 1/6 Anya Forger is approximately 6.5" (16.5 cm) tall, and is a fully-articulated collectible figure made of ABS, PVC, and POM plastics with 21 points of articulation and fabric textiles. Head sculpt and faceplates are sculpted by celebrated Japanese sculptor Akinori Takaki.

Anya Forger comes with total of three interchangeable faceplates (smiling face, heh face and exciting face). The character's costume includes a white shirt, ribbon, uniform dress, one pair of long socks and shoes, which are made of fabric and plastic. Other accessories included five sets of differently posed interchangeable hands. It also comes with an unarticulated figure of Doll “Chimera” on the same scale.


  • Approximately 6.5” (~16.5cm) tall
  • 21 points of articulation
  • Three interchangeable faceplates with iconic expressions

· Head sculpt and faceplates sculpted by Akinori Takaki


  • One (1) fabric white shirt
  • One (1) fabric ribbon
  • One (1) fabric uniform dress
  • One (1) pair of fabric long socks

· One (1) pair of shoes


  • One (1) Chimera doll (unarticulated)
  • Five (5) pairs of interchangeable hands: One (1) pair of fists, one (1) pair of relaxed hands, one (1) pair of doll-holding hands, one (1) pair of fingers pointing hands, one (1) pair of widen palm hands
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