Threezero The Infinity Saga – DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack

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Following the launch of the popular DLX Iron Man Mark 50 figure, threezero and Marvel Studios are proud to present a set of carefully-crafted accessory weapons to maximize the power of the Iron Man Mark 50 nanotechnology suit! The DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack accurately replicates the original design from Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War.

The Mark 50 Accessory Pack features several highly-detailed interchangeable accessories to upgrade your DLX Iron Man Mark 50 figure [3Z0249] (sold separately), including a Hand Blade, Repulsor Cannon, Power Mallet, Shield, Round Shield, a Nano Booster, one pair of Battering Rams, one pair of Zero Cannons, two pairs of Energy Displacer Sentries, and a set of action stands for Energy Displacer Sentries. LED lighting functions are located on the Repulsor Cannon, Power Mallet, Battering Rams, Zero Cannons, and Energy Displacer Sentries.


  • Compatible with DLX Iron Man Mark 50 [3Z0249] (sold separately)


  • One (1) Hand Blade
  • One (1) Repulsor Cannon
  • One (1) Power Mallet
  • One (1) Shield
  • One (1) Round Shield
  • One (1) Nano Booster
  • Two (2) of Battering Rams
  • Two (2) Zero Cannons
  • Four (4) of Energy Displacer Sentries
  • One (1) set of action stands for Energy Displacer Sentries.

LED Light-up Features *

  • Repulsor Cannon
  • Power Mallet
  • Battering Rams
  • Zero Cannons
  • Energy Displacer Sentries

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