Bandai S.H. Monsterarts Monster Hunter Nargacuga

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A monster movable figure series "S.H.MonsterArts" boasting overwhelming modeling and movement
The "Monster Hunter" series is finally here.

-Modeling, proportion, coloring-
Fully supervised by Kaname Fujioka, director of the "Monster Hunter" series. Based on the image in the game, three-dimensionally elaborate.

Overwhelming range of motion created by dividing the movable parts. You can reproduce various poses of Nargacuga. The details are also movable.

? Replacement head and tail parts
By exchanging it, you can reproduce the intense state.
? Tail cutting parts
Includes tail parts to reproduce the time of cutting.
? Special pedestal
A pedestal dedicated to the field is included.
? [First time benefit]
Achromatic mini hunter (Reus series) figure is included.

? Product Specifications
Total length: about 300 mm
Material: PVC, made of ABS

? Set Contents
· Body
• Replacement face parts
? Replacement tail parts (cutting)
? Replacement tail parts (anger)
? One each for left and right parts for wing deployment
- Strut
? [First edition benefit] Achromatic mini hunter (Reus series) figure

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