King Arts Diecast Scene Series KSS016 Drill Spazer & Marine Spazer Set

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King Arts * Diecast Scene Series * KSS016 *Drill Spazer&Marine Spazer *

Marine Spazer Weapon was made by Dr.Umon which was developed in the 41st episode to improve the water warfare activities of Grendizer, was also built using "Super Alloy New Z" and "Photon Quantum" energy . It has the ability to sail in the open sea.

Drill Spazer Dr. Umon used the "superalloy new Z" and "photon quantum" energy to build the body that was developed in the 45th episode to improve the activities of the Earth. It has the ability to sail in the open space of the open space; it is equipped with two large drill bits at the front end of the head, and the propellers behind the two wings are used to walk with the crawler.

Product Series: Diecast Scene series

Product Name: Drill Spazer & Marine Spazer

Product Code: KSS016

Licensor by :Dynamic

Product Specification:

Product size: L 41.5CM* W 31.5CM*H 19CM

Product material: Alloy + plastics

Packing: 3sets/Canton

Bar code: 4897056413177

Parts list

- Concealed X 6

- movable neck column X 1

- Giant Spirit God's internal palm X 4

- LR621 button battery X 8 - Giant Spirit Stand X 1

- Straight bracket X 2

- Bend bracket X 2 - Aircraft support x 1

- small flying saucer bracket x 1

- Terrace x 2

- Drill Spazer nameplate x 1

- Marine Spazer nameplate x 1

- Combination nameplate x 1

King Arts

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